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On this page I'd like to provide some information about and pointers to things that mean very much to me, things that I like and things that I'm interested in. If you would like to know anything about me or if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.


In my rare spare time I play the guitar and sing in a Heavy Metal band named MOTYPE. I created and maintain a web page for the band where you can find information about the band, our music, any band/homepage related news and so on. You can also download most of our songs as full length MP3 files in CD quality there. If you'd like to check out whether downloading these file is worth the online time you can enjoy the "trial cut" song files which contain just a part of the song and are much smaller thus quicker to download. Just check these pages out. Feedback is always appreciated. ;-)


People sometimes want to know details about a musician's equipment. Sometimes there are also useful resources on the web that users of a particular unit want to share with others. For these reasons I have created a page that gives you an overview about the music equipment I use with my band and at home. However most of the information is related to my previous preamp ART SGX-2000 Express and my MIDI foot controller ART X-15. I spent quite some time to setup the pages that they're useful for everybody who owns the same units. So please have a look at my ART Resources page. BTW: today I'm playing an ENGL Preamp 530 modern rock - the end of a long search for THE sound! :-)

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